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​If you don't like tobacco ​or getting high or can't but want an ACTUAL relaxing smoke then CBD cigars could be for you!

Our CBD cigars

Each cigar is filled with 1.5 grams of CBD flower of your choice, rolled in an organic hemp wrap. The blunt wraps are made of hemp and the CBD buds organic. Our CBD cigars are professionally filled and rolled by Bud CBD team.

Expertly crafted with Premium organic CBD rich grade AA Hemp flower.

No tobacco or additives are in our CBD cigars.
Great for those who need a high dose of CBD flower or to share with others.
Product Type: CBD Cigar Quantity: (1) 3 gram cigar = The cigar contains 3 grams of CBD flower filled in an organic hemp wrap.

Rolled and ready

Our cigars are pre-rolled and responsibly packaged, ready to dispatch to you. They are CBD rich and dont contain any tobacco!
Cigar Wrapper Information: The hemp cigar wraps; 100% organic with zero glue!
CBD Flowers Information: Our CBD buds and flowers are amoung our most popular products. We source the finest legal weeds from Switzerland, certified and organic. Considerable consideration is given to assuring only the most desirable terpene profiles are selected for every one of our cigars.
Packaging Information: CBD Flower cigars are packaged in a 120 MM clear plastic tube that is then placed in bubble wrap pouches and inserted into the appropriate mailer, envelope or box.

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We have the cigars in the United Kingdom and ready to dispatch to you! If your order is recived before 14:30 pm Monday to Friday, it will be dispatched that same day.

CBD Cigars

Like a fattie? So do we! We roll them for you. We roll them fat, long, we roll them pure. CBD buds, rolled and expertly packaged. Same day dispatch.

CBD Hemp Pre-rolls

We roll them for you. We roll them long, we roll them strong. Pure CBD buds ground to perfection. Expertly packaged and dispatched to you.