CBD Flowers - what you need to know

Confused between a hemp flower and a CBD bud? Let us clear up any questions you have

CBD Buds. What are?

CBD Flowers and buds, the flowers from the female hemp plant. CBD cannabis is used by many people all over the world and has been for thousands of years. These CBD buds look like normal cannabis buds, but they contain virtually no THC. Without the THC compound being present, the cannabis doesn't cause the consumer to feel high. Hard to believe this is true.

Buds, flowers, nugs, ganja, are all the same thing! And the CBD variety carry all these same slang / nicknames, but with CBD or Cannabidiol as a prefix. So, CBD hemp, CBD cannabis, CBD weed, CBD buds and CBD flowers are all the same thing, they all describe the flower from the female cannabis plant.

Where do they come from? CBD cannabis grows in a variety of locations around the world, with more and more farmers in the EU turning to growing hemp. Farmers are breeding these CBD rich strains to cater for the booming CBD industry.
How are they grown? Growing these CBD cannabis plants is an art form. Selecting the correct strains, growing methods and location is key. There are 3 mains scenarios where to grow, CBD hemp, either, indoors under artificial lights, in poly tunnels and greenhouses or outside in the field.

How to consume them?

All thought we cant encourage you to physically consume your CBD hemp flowers, lets take a detailed look on how people all over the world consume these buds on a daily basis.

Now lets make this clear. Disclaimer: These products are not intended to treat, cure, prevent any illness or disease. Please always refer to your physician or medical healthcare professional for medical advice.

Drink them. People all over the world consume their hemp flowers, by making hemp tea. Easy to make and soothing to drink. Its made form steeping leaves from, the cannabis or hemp plant in hot water. Read our complete guide to hemp tea here.
Smoke it. While we dont advise it, lots of people do smoke or vape their CBD flowers. Smoking CBD flower can deliver immediate effects to the consumer. Communally smoked in a bong or more preferably in vaporizer and then on the other spectrum of "smokes" you have joints and blunts. Read our complete guide to rolling a CBD joint here.

Eat them. Its also possible to add CBD flowers to different dishes. BUT remember to always Decarb your CBD Weed before eating it. Far healthier alternative than smoking, eating CBD brownies or other types of CBD edibles might be a good option for many people. Read our guide on how to Decarb CBD flowers here.

Are they legal in the UK

The key difference between, legal weed and illegal weed is the content of THC they contain. All legal weed in the UK must not contain more than 0.2% THC, whereas some strains of illegal cannabis can contain up to 30% THC! So for it to be classed as "legal weed" in the United Kingdom, it MUST NOT contain more than 0.2% of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)

We only use EU-certified varieties of industrial hemp that have been bred to reduce the psychoactive ingredient tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) to the smallest quantity possible – allowing the lawful use and enjoyment of industrial hemp’s health-promoting ingredients.

Don't get high off your own supply! ALL of our cannabinoid products contain less than the legal 0.2% THC limit, so don't worry, you won't feel high from Bud CBD's supply!
Legal THC limits, In the UK the limit for THC is 0.2% illegal weed typically contain 15-30% THC limits! All of our flowers and buds contain below the 0.2% legal limit.
Lab tested, All the CBD bud that we sell have been lab tested. Here we test the CBD , THC and CBG levels. We do this for every CBD strain we carry and we link the test certificates via QR code on each pack of bud we ship.Traceable, transparent, verifiable. See an example of one of our lab reports here.


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1920's, In the early 20's hemp was still legal to grow throughout Europe. Many industries relied on hemp for raw material

1940's, Now its just after, and hempos in big demand, one problem, its been crimilatized around the globe.

2020, Now we are in the moden day, CBD flowers are legal in the EU as long as they contain minimal amounts of THC, a low enough level for the consumer not to feel it.


CBD Flowers Facts

THC levels, all of our CBD flowers contain less then 0.2% THC.

Age limits, you have to be over 18 years old to buy CBD flowers in the UK and throughout the EU.

Grow time, These buds and flowers take over 4 months to grow and then another couple of weeks to dry and cure them ready for you.

How much do the cost?

You pay for what you get, we never set out to cut corners, we simply wanted to supply the best CBD flowers and CBD strains from around the world.

Typically CBd flowers and buds are sold by the gram. These grams sell for anywhere between £5-£15 depending on the quality and variety. Indoor grow CBD strains are the most expensive and those strains grown outside are the least expensive as these can be grow acres at a time
Indoor flower costs, £10-£17 per gram. Now this is expensive, but quality costs. These indoor hemp flowers are the best you can get. They look just like high strength THC cannabis, however these CBD flowers WONT get you high.
Greenhouse flower costs, £7-11 You can grow big plants in greenhouses, and achieve some stunning results. I love flowers that have been grow in greenhouses.
Outdoor CBD flowers, £6-8 these CBd flowers are often grow in soil out in the wild! The buds produced by hemp plants grown outside are typically darker green and have a more earthy scent.

Slang / street names

CBD flower slang names. Just like regular full strength cannabis, CBD flowers also has lots of street names.

Mary-jane, the ganja, wacky baccy, the devils lettuces call it what you like, but all these street names are also applied to the CBD variety .traffic.

CBD bud nicknames, CBD Hemp, CBD cannabis, CBD hash, CBD mary-jane, CBD weed, CBD buds and CBD nugs.
CBD flowers slang names, CBD pot, CBD weed, CBD ganga, CBD dope and CBD herbs.

Where to buy them?

Online? I think buy CBD buds online is a good option. Order and they get delivered through your letterbox the next day. we send buds all over the UK, with customers requesting delivery to Scotland, Ireland, Cornwall and beyond.

Dispensary / store? More and more shops are starting to sell CBD buds in the UK. With growing demand from users all over the UK more and more vape shops are starting to stock it too.

Street deals? I'm not sure there is even people selling CBD buds on the street? Why risk it when you can securely do it online?



I cant front, I love CBD flowers, they helped me kick my THC habit! Changing to CBD flowers changed my life and thats why I started this company.

CBD Cigars

At "Bud CBD" we are very careful about the strains of hemp flower we sell. Not only are they all under the 0.2% legal THC limit but they are also world class! Checkout our latest selection of CBD buds now
CBD Cigars

CBD Pre-rolls

CBD Pre-rolls, mail order in the UK. Only CBD strains - Low 0.2% THC ONLY. Expertly rolled and ethnically sourced CBD hemp.