CBD Prerolls

6 Pre Rolled Joints. 3.6g - LOW THC6 Pre Rolled Joints. 3.6g - LOW THC
1 Gram Preroll | 14% CBD Strawberry Kush1 Gram Preroll | 14% CBD Strawberry Kush
1 Gram Preroll | 14% CBD HARLEQUIN1 Gram Preroll | 14% CBD HARLEQUIN
1 Gram Preroll | 14% CBD Strawberry OG1 Gram Preroll | 14% CBD Strawberry OG


BudCBD, stock and distribute the very best CBD Prerolls. They are premium prerolls that are are made from the finest CBD Flower and CBD buds. We make them from the 10 plus different strains of CBD flower we sell and are contently rotating the strains we use. Unlike other preroll suppliers, we make them using the buds and flowers, not the leaf. Although if there is a demand for prerolls made from cbd hemp leaf we may add these to our product range in the near future, as they offer a lower price point for people that use a lot of them.

We sell two sizes of prerolled joints; 1 gram cbd joints and 0.6 gram joints. These smaller 0.6g prerolls are sold in tins of 6 joints.

The main ingredients are derived from industrial hemp, so unlike traditional, full strength cannabis joints, they wont get you high, but they certainly do deliver a certain chilled out vibe! All of our CBD products comply with UK legislation.

They are carefully crafted in the UK, and made by machine and then finished by hand. Packaged with our distinctive BudCBD logo, in food safe glass tube. We make batches up every 2 weeks and they are stored carefully in a humidity controlled environment to guaranteed freshness.
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To make our CBD prerolls, we carefully grind CBD buds in to concise consistency. If you grind it too fine, it turns to dust, not enough and its too lump. Which both make terrible for a terrible preroll experience! That's why we choose to use Storz & Bickel Herb Mill XL, trust when we say that we have tried lots of different types grinders over the years, from kitchen blenders to coffee grinders and nothing delivers a better consistency than these grinders! Yes it takes longer to do it manually but the results are way better, so we have no other option. Wearing gloves we take the buds and flowers and carefully grind them.

We use prerolled cones, but not just any. We use the very best cones we have ever tried, Raw preroll cones! We love the way these burn and the way they taste, sure there are cheaper options out there, but in our opinion nothing quite compares to a raw cones! 

If you are rolling your own its important to buy your raw cones from a reputable source as there are lots of fake Inferior raw cones being sold on sites like eBay and amazon! We only buy them from there official disturber. We feed these cones in to the rolling machine 50 at a time, carefully fill them with the ground up CBD buds and then begin to tap them down, then we add more and carefully tap them down again. Remember our prerolls contain zero tobacco and zero nicotine. 

Hand finished
One the tap down has been completed, the joints are carefully removed and the tips packed down and the fat end carefully folded to ensure nothing falls out, and it also helps the preroll to stay fresher for longer. 

Once they have been folded and visually check they are placed in to there individual, food safe, glass containers. Ready to be dispatched to our customers all over the UK and Europe. 


Instead of the THC-rich cannabis joints many people in the UK are  accustomed to, we offer a low THC CBD-rich hemp derived alternative, ranging from 3-25% CBD and below 0.2% THC. 

Unlike the cigarettes you can buy in many shops all over the UK, our prerolls contain; Zero tobacco, Zero nicotine. They are also non psychoactive as they don't contain any THC. Also unlike neighbourhood weed dealer, we have to pay taxes and vat, thus helping build a better community.  

Disclaimer, This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. This product does not contain tobacco and is sold as a souvenir for decorative purposes only.

Combustion or consumption is not recommended (by law) 

Always keep out of reach of children and pregnant woman. 
cbd buds and cbd flower, same thing

Will my preroll order be discreetly packaged? 

YES, all prerolls are sent out in plain cardboard boxes. The boxes have been carefully designed to fit through your letterbox! They are well sealed with tape and the address label is printed, so just looks like any other item you order online. Upon opening the box, you will see your prerolls in our distinctive BudCBD packaging tube. Also you will find a sticker listing your ordered items. This confirms what you ordered and what was placed in the box.

You will also see a sticker inviting you to leave us a trustpilot and google review for each positive review you leave us, we will send you a free 0.6gram preroll with your next order! So if you leave us 2 reviews you'll get 2 free prerolls and so on, and yes if you leave us 10 reviews on ten different review sites, you'll get ten free prerolls! Simply email us a link to your reviews and your free prerolls will be added to your next order!  Email a link to your reviews hello@budcbd.co.uk. 
Need more information about CBD Prerolls?
Our UK based team took the time to prepare these PDF docs about the difference
between leaf and bud, and how to roll your own, please check them!
Lets look at the pros and cons of making making cbd prerolls with hemp leaf or cbd bud.
How to make the
perfect preroll!
Do you want to roll your own preroll?
This "how to guide" will tell you how.