tin of 6 Pre Rolled Joints
6 Pre Rolled Joints. 3.6g - LOW THC


14% Strawberry
14% CBD | 1 Gram Preroll | CBD Strawberry Kush
1 Gram Preroll | 14% CBD Strawberry Kush


16% CBD | 1 Gram Preroll | CBD HARLEQUIN
1 Gram Preroll | 14% CBD HARLEQUIN


CBD Prerolled Joints for sale UK
1 Gram Preroll | 11% CBD Sour Widow


Buy CBD Preroll Joints.
1 Gram Preroll | 14% CBD Strawberry OG


4 prerolled joints
CBD Joints | 4 x Pre-Rolled | 4 x 1 Gram



CBD Prerolls

BudCBD are the No. 1 supplier of Pre-Rolled joints in the UK. Each one is brimming with CBD flower - yet low on THC. We’ve taken the hassle out of rolling hemp flowers by doing it for you - just light-up and enjoy the relaxing CBD... without the mad THC high.


Instead of the classic, THC-rich marijuana joints many may be accustomed to, we offer a low THC, CBD-rich, hemp alternative. Instead of the THC you find in most joints, the CBD infused herb we put in ours contains virtually no detectable levels of the cannabinoid.

What Are Pre-Rolled Joints?:

Pre-roll refers to a Pre-Rolled joint, meaning it is already rolled! Often sold to the occasional user who wants to keep a tiny bit of cannabis readily available.

We supply the finest pre-rolled joints. Expertly rolled with environmentally friendly packaging. We have two sizes available: 1 Gram or 0.6 Grams.

Dosing: Each of our pre-rolled joints contain 1.5 grams of CBD buds ranging from 3-25% CBD and below 0.2% THC.

What Are Pre-Rolls Made Of?:

We take great care when sourcing CBD flowers and CBD buds that go into our pre-rolls. The 3 main ingredients of each Pre-Roll are: papers, weed and roach.

Prerolled Raw Cones

Thin, beautiful, and no I'm not talking about Josh, I'm talking about his amazing "Raw Prerolled Cones" are made by a machine and the cbd flower is hand packed into the cones. We roll our cbd joints on a weekly basis, keeping stock fresh and cbd strains in rotation.

CBD Buds:

Strawberry OG, Blueberry, Banana Kush, OG Kush, you name it, we've rolled it! The CBD flowers and buds we use are also for sale by the gram.

Cardboard Filter:

Thin eco-friendly non-bleach cardboard roach. Rolled to the perfect dimension with a double fold "m," technique

Each Pre-Roll contains 1.5 gram of Cannabis buds ranging from 8% to 20% CBD. We grind our CBD flowers in a custom grinder to ensure the finest consistency for a smooth, slow-burning incense.

Pre-Roll Packaging

Packaging: we use a combination of twist top containers and sealed bags - everything is always double vacuum sealed before being sent in the mail to ensure an odourless arrival! All of our joints are sent in sealed, biodegradable bags. They are airtight and stealthy, compared to those bulky plastic doob-tubes or thick plastic baggies! All of our packaging is smell proof and discreet.

At "Bud CBD" it is our passion to provide our customers with the most aromatic and flavorful CBD buds and CBD cannabis the UK market has to offer. We fill our all-natural papers with only the highest quality buds.


Whats The Price Per Joint?

The price of our pre-rolls vary from strain to strain. Generally they cost between £8-£25 per pre-roll, including delivery.


Where We Ship To?

We are based in the UK, but we ship to anywhere in the EU. Please check with your local laws before ordering. If you order before 14:30 Monday to Friday, your pre-rolls will be dispatched to you the same day.


Payment Options

When it comes to buying pre-rolls online it can be difficult... Not at Bud-CBD - we accept all debit/credit cards and Bitcoin. Pay with BTC: easy, quick and super secure. We also accept other digital currencies: Altcoins. LTC, ETH, TUSD.... whatever coins you've got, we will accept!


Buy Some Pre-Rolls

We offer next day delivery on all orders*. All of our pre-rolled joints contain strictly hand-selected premium CBD rich, hemp buds. We carefully weigh and manufacturer each joint in-house so they're perfect every-time!


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