All of our organic tea leaves are here in the UK ready to dispatch to you. With CBD leaves around 6% you can be sure to feel the soothing effect of your freshly brewed hemp tea.

Vegan and gluten free. Treat yourself today!


Naturally grown hemp plants from sustainable well-EU established farms. These CBD buds and CBD flowers are carefully soucred and selected buy out Bud experts.


All of our CBD strains are supplied with lab reports detailing CBD, THC and other cannabinoids levels that are are found in the supplied low thc cannabis.

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The term CBD hemp flower refers to the buds or flowers that form on the female hemp plant. These CBD hemp buds form on the end of the branches of the plant and can typically take 3-4 months to develop before being ready to harvest. Our CBD buds and CBD flowers are harvested from specially bred cannabis plants that contain low levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The level of THC contained in all of our CBD flowers is well below the 0.2% THC, which is the legal limit.

As the THC levels are low in these products they won't cause the users to feel high in any way as they don't have psychoactive ingredients.

The steeping process

The tea is made involves the tea leaves or other ingredients setting in hot water for a designated amount of time, allowing for the elements to manifest themselves into the beverage. The length of steeping varies depending on the desired density or particular type of tea leaf. Hemp tea utilizes the same steeping method to achieve a hemp-infused beverage.

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