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All of our CBD strains are supplied with lab reports detailing CBD, THC and other cannabinoids levels that are are found in the supplied low thc cannabis.

CBD is legal

CBD buds are legal in the UK as long as each product container has less than 1mg of THC in it. Our flowers and buds are pesticide free and naturally grow.

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Naturally grown hemp plants from sustainable well-EU established farms. These CBD buds and CBD flowers are carefully soucred and selected buy out Bud experts.

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The term CBD hemp flower refers to the buds or flowers that form on the female hemp plant. These CBD hemp buds form on the end of the branches of the plant and can typically take 3-4 months to develop before being ready to harvest.

Our CBD buds and CBD flowers are harvested from specially bred cannabis plants that contain low levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The level of THC contained in all of our CBD flowers is well below the 0.2% THC, which is the legal limit. As the THC levels are low in these products they won't cause the users to feel high in any way as they don't have psychoactive ingredients.

All CBD products sold in the UK and EU must not contain more than 0.2% THC. Once harvested, the CBD flowers are carefully hand-trimmed and hung to dry. Drying them can take 7-30 days, depending on the growers' techniques. The flowers have to be carefully collected and dried as they are susceptible to mold in this undried condition. Most CBD hemp flowers sold to consumers are not pollinated and don't contain any seeds. Generally called a variety of names (but they all mean the same thing) CBD weed, CBD buds, CBD flowers - these are all referring to the female hemp plant flowers.

CBD flowers are for a therapeutic and non-psychoactive experience and contain low levels of psychoactive THC. They will not get you high! Different strains of CBD hemp flowers contain varying levels of CBD, typically between 2%-20% CBD.


No, you can't get high from taking CBD. Cannabidiol isn't the cannabinoid compound that creates the "high feeling." THC is the cannabinoid that causes users to experience that high feeling. The reason why THC makes you feel high is the way that the compounds bind to receptors in the endocannabinoid system. CBD products sold in the EU contain less than 0.2% THC, so the consumers don't feel its effects


Cannabidiol (CBD) is not mentally or physically addictive. More research needs to be done by peer-reviewed groups, but its widely believed CBD is NOT addictive.


No, hemp doesn't contain any nicotine.


Hemp flowers are relatively new to the UK market. With some shops on the high street starting to sell CBD products, you know it is beginning to gain popularity. Most people buy their hemp flowers online these days. It's secure, and they get delivered by the post person the next day (if you chose the right company) with more people wanting to try this legal alternative. Supply must meet demand. The market has enormous potential.

Most sites are selling a variety of low-quality CBD flowers. However, here at Bud CBD, we supply the very most beautiful buds, honor demands it! We stock indoor, greenhouse, and outdoor-grown hemp flowers.


Hemp flowers and CBD buds vary in cost. In the UK and across the EU, prices range from £5-£15 per gram


Yes! CBD flowers are permitted in the UK if they contain less than 0.2% THC. Because they don't contain over the legal limit of THC, they will not get you high! All our CBD products are compliant with European regulations on hemp cultivation:

The European Regulation 1307/2013.
The European Decree No. 639-2014

Different strains of CBD hemp flowers contain varying levels of CBD, typically between 2%-20% CBD but should not contain any more than 0.2% THC. The freshness and quality of our processed CBD flowers we use food-grade packaging. These individual packages don't include more than 1mg of THC per package. These products are for professional use or collectors. Bud CBD is not responsible if people use them for any other purpose.


CBD flowers do smell, however, not in the way traditional cannabis reeks. Not only does it smell and taste different when you smoke and vape if but it also looks different when you examine it with the naked eye. CBD bud doesn't typically have a scent as strong or as potent as regular "skunk weed," but it does have different fragrance depending on the strain. Also, how the bud was dried and stored can have an impact on the overall smell too.

The range of smells and aromas vary from sweetish, sourish, fruity, citric, floral. The combination of terpens that gives to a flower or a plant its particular smell and aroma. These fragrances, created by the different terpenes and cannabinoid compounds produced by the hemp plant. Terpens produced by a variety of plants and are not exclusive to hemp and cannabis plants. Terpens create all the flavors we know and love from the zest of a lemon to the spicy zing of a chili.

Avoid these things:

Buds that stink like hay
Buds that have no odor at all
Buds that are still wet or moist
Buds that haven't dehydrated or dried correctly
Bud that is brown and look old, also know as schwag weed.

Question: Do "hemp flowers" smell like regular weed? Honestly, after being a user of full strength/ high THC cannabis for several years, I can tell if its CBD buds by looking at them and by smoking them. The smell of the CBD flowers I have used doesn't have the potent smell of full-fat THC weed. They certainly have a pretty sweet flavor, but for anyone more than a novice stoner, I think it is pretty easy to identify the difference between hemp flowers and illegal skunk.

Question: Does CBD smell like marijuana when it is burning? Honestly, no, you can tell the difference if you have a little bit of knowledge. However, that's not stopping police forces arresting people, thinking they are smoking full strength! Anyone more than a novice stoner, I believe it is pretty easy to identify the difference between CBD marijuana and full-strength marijuana. CBD flower smells different when you smoke it, and when you see it in person.


Its widely believed that Cannabidiol products don't have any side effects. However, especially at high concentrations, some people may experience some side effects when they take CBD. Some pharmaceutical medicines can interact and cause adverse side effects when used in conjunction with CBD.

Bud CBD CBD is safe

Bud CBD CBD is legal

Bud CBD CBD is natural

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