I enjoyed smoking cannabis.

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Smoking high THC cannabis.

And truth be told, I still do, but 2 main things have changed. The weed I now smoke on a daily basis doesn't get me high, and I no longer have to hit the streets to score my weed. 

I used to smoke a lot of weed, and I'm not talking about LOW THC cannabis, I'm talking the mind-altering 20-30% THC strains readily available on most street corners in the UK and mainland Europe. Typically I smoked around 28 grams a week in the last few years of my high THC addiction. 

The black market for illegal high strength THC cannabis is strong in the UK and has been for as long as I can remember. I was smoking it for over 14 years, and it was infrequent that I ever went without, and frankly, it was always high quality, professionally grown weed, I never had to have bad pot, let alone not be able to source any at all. 

The 1990's

I'd tried smoking at the age of 13 after my brother, who was a couple of years older than me, and light-years cooler scored some Moroccan style hash or soap bar as it was known locally. And then after a few years of smoking hash, weed started to come on to the UK market. I remember trading him my doggy father Snoop Dogg tape caste with him, for a tiny ball of hash, that was then crumbled into a tobacco and red rizla wrapper and quickly smoked in the den in the garden. So yeah, that's where it started, but I had so much to learn. The main being mixing cannabis of any type with tobacco is straight-up disgusting and terrible for your health. Being from the UK this was what everyone did in the early 2000s and to this day, twenty years later, I still see people rolling joints that contain cigarettes and rolling tobacco. I also did it for years and didn't realize how sick it was! Nowadays, its pure weed joints or vaporizer hits only.   

The 2000s

I was introduced to weed or "super skunk or white widow" as it was called back then by my friend Edward, we were at college together and we used to nip out for a crafty joint before class, this was when I was aged 17-18. At this time, the weed in the UK was still relatively weak compared to its high strength cuz son today. I guess the THC levels were maybe between 3-7% THC possibly lower, due to the exploitation in breeding some strains can now contain a reported 30% THC, not only that the ratio between CBD content and THC is very different these days. For more information on this please check out this blog post.

The 2010s

£10 a gram! Possible around 2010, weed started being sold in grams rather than the traditional eights (3.5grams) and ounces (28 grams). 

You could pick up an ounce and pay between £100-140 depending on the quality, but then there was a big push to dealers trying to sell it solely by the gram and trying to charge £10 on ever gram you brought.

 I guess if you were not a hardcore stoner, this would be okay, but when you're buying 28 grams a week, its a massive 50% price increase. For OG's like I this didn't cause immediate issues with the most dealer, I know still carried on the traditional. Still, it was a noticeable shift on the streets, fast forward ten years, and now people seem to be obsessed with buying overpriced "Cali" tins, and that contain mids at best. People like to flash the Gerrish packaging on their Instagrams, I wounder if this is why they like it rather than the weed it contains, maybe I'm cynical.


It wasn't until twenty years later that I heard about CBD weed. I'd agreed to help my friend move house and when I went round to see him at 9:00 am he was sat there with a hot tea and a fat joint on the go. As soon as I arrived, I noticed that it smelt just like regular weed when he was smoking it. I gave him some shit and made a remark that moving all his stuff now that he was a stoned zombie would be 10 times harder. He gave me a crafty smile and went on to explain this was his day time smoking stash and that it contained virtually no THC; honestly, I didn't believe him and thought he was pulling my leg. After a few hours, I came to realize he wasn't stoned, and then I was inquisitive as it sure smelt real weed when he was burning it! After we finished work, we gave me a couple of joints worth, and I headed home. That night I hit my usual high THC stuff and relaxed with Mrs. 


CBD weed is marginally cheaper in the UK at the moment with grams ranging between £5-10 and bigger deals like ounces being available for £100 - 180. Hight THC strains carry a premium with a street price of £10-15 a gram and ounces costing upwards of £220!   

Cannabis addiction

Something I never took seriously until I realized I was addicted. It took me ten years to realise I had a cannabis habit. Now I know what you are thinking, none ever sucked a dick for weed or its been proven cannabis isn't physically or mentally addictive. I don't need someone to tell me what I have already experienced. 

I now I only really smoke CBD cannabis, I seem to burn fair less, and it seems to have a much less addictive hold on me. I think for the first years, I was addicted to the tobacco I used to put in my joints, and then after I stopped do that, it was the THC I was addicted to. After cutting the THC out my want for joints has indeed declined, and I smoke between 3-7 grams of CBD flower a week now. It is hard to say if my addiction has just slowed down with aging too. Socially and financially way better off now that I only smoke low THC cannabis.

Negatives of High THC weed (to me!)

  • No lab tests
  • Available to children / no age limit 
  • No idea of supply chain
  • No real idea of strain 
  • No tax is paid on sales
  • Questionable labor practices 

(My favorite ways to) to consume CBD flowers

I like them in joints and occasionally on the volcano vaporizer. I would never recommend mixing your CBD buds with tobacco, avoid this at all costs, the nicotine can be very addictive, and the unfiltered, heavily processed tobacco is hard on your health. CBD weed doesn't vape that well as CBD only starts to vapors at around 230 degrees and most vaporizers don't go up to much hotter than that, THC typically combusts at 185 degrees so works a lot better in them. 

Benefits of CBD flowers (to me!)

  • I wanted the feeling of the CBD, not the THC
  • I didn't really like the feeling of the THC.
  • I was more productive without the THC element.
  • I was far more social compared to when I smoked high THC strains. 
  • Buying weed on the street is a lot more hassle compared to getting it delivered to your home.
  • Not to have red-eyes all the time.  


And don't take my word for it as I'm just a reformed degenerate pothead. CBD weed or high THC weed? If I had to choose one, I'd select CBD buds every time, and I guess my answer would have been different some years back. But now the THC levels are so high I struggle to hold it down if I'm trying to have a crafty going in the daytime. I'm not parodied either, people know for sure if I have had THC joint, my eyes, everything changes for me, and not for the better. So these days I stick to the CBD stuff and don't miss the other, and another benefit I have found is that when I do have some high THC strains, I feel high, I don't need a whole joint to myself anymore, and just a few hits and I'm on edge.

I still think there are a time and a place for both types of weed, low and high THC varieties. They have a purpose, and I believe in years to come it will become clear THC is essential for medical cannabis users too. But for me right now, I'm taking a break from the potent stuff and enjoying it.

I enjoyed smoking cannabis, and truth be told I still do, but two main things have changed, I only smoke high THC strains once every couple of months whereas before I was a daily, if not hourly consumer. And now, if I do indulge in a joint or hit on the vaporizer, I use CBD / low THC weed instead. 

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I enjoyed smoking cannabis.

Disclaimer: The views, information, or opinions expressed during this blog post are solely those of the individuals involved and do not necessarily represent those of BudCBD...

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