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CBD Strain Harlequin
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The photo is of the actual flowers you will be receiving! This CBD HARLEQUIN definitely has a big WOW factor, bag appeal, nice stickiness to it and is simply stunning! A fresh batch is now available for sale. Stocked from 16/10/2020 it is Industrial Hemp but boy does it smell good! Some of the best LOW THC I have seen!

Harlequin CBD Buds | Dried Hemp Flower

This Harlequin has nice CBD levels and very low to no THC levels. This legal weed product contains less than 0.2% THC so it won't give you the traditional high of cannabis but still deliveries a lovely relaxing CBD feeling.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 

Harlequin CBD buds are cured to perfection! The original originates from Green House Seeds who won the Cannabis Cup in 97, 98 and 99 with Super Silver Haze. Armed with a wonderful scent and characteristically fruity overtones. Clean, natural female plants dried to perfection, just buds no seeds! 100% raw hemp, nothing added nothing taken away. Legally sourced and legally sold hemp buds, as legal as rope made from hemp!

Premium hemp buds with a rich Cannabinoid profile.

The Dried female flowers have a rich Cannabinoid profile with plenty of terpenes and flavonoids. The buds are perfectly cured and give off a well-known and satisfying crunchy sound when put into a grinder or when broken into smaller parts with your fingers.

CBD hemp flowers – A product you can trust

BudCBD offers are EU approved and certified industrial hemp crops. The crops are located in Europe and are some of the largest and most advanced indoor crops available in Europe. Fully automated irrigation systems and computer-controlled lighting technology that enables simulated sunrises and sunsets, even the moonlight is simulated in tandem with the moon’s real cycle, all to create the most natural environment possible. The curing (drying) is done in advance drying rooms with a steady temperature of 12 degrees Celsius which is the optimal temperature for cannabis. In the drying room, the buds are placed on perforated silver barrels in different sections when they are harvested, even at this stage the lighting is controlled at different intervals depending on which section of the room the buds are in.


The agricultural product contains unprocessed plant parts of EU approved industrial hemp strains. The product name is inspired from the terpene profile which is similar to the original.

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